Things to do in... March

Kew Gardens
Teaming up with the Royal College of Music, Sounds of Blossom is set to animate the Spring blossoms. Music students from the college have crafted original compositions, specially commissioned by Kew Gardens and inspired by the glory of spring. These fresh musical pieces will be played in Kew's blossom hotspots.
Allow your senses to awaken as you stroll, witnessing the pastel hues, savour the gentle melodies and inhale the sweet fragrances carried by the breeze. Sounds of Blossom offers a chance to rejuvenate, uplift your spirits and reestablish a connection with nature.
Victoria & Albert Museum
The DIVA exhibition at the V&A explores and redefines the role of 'Diva' across stage, opera, music and film, celebrating the power of creativity of those iconic Diva performers. The exhibition offers a glimpse into the world of Divas, featuring costumes by iconic figures such as Cher, Elton John, Maria Callas and Marilyn Monroe. Visit the exhibition from now until 7th April 2024.
414-416 Roman Road, London, E5 5LU
A staple for Roman Road and the local coffee shop for our founder. Mae + Harvey is the perfect spot for a latte on the weekend, full of fresh pastries and a handwritten menu for great dinners in the week, alongside perfectly minimal interiors and that 'I'm home' vibe that every coffee shop longs to achieve. Their sandwiches are to die for and you can always have a chat with the staff, which is great if you're feeling lonely in a busy city. 
March 1st - June 30th 2024

Explore the journey of Angelica Kauffman, an acclaimed 18th-century artist known for celebrity portraits and groundbreaking history paintings, she shaped European art by reimagining classical themes. The exhibit covers her rise in London, founding the Royal Academy and later career in Rome. View her notable works, including self-portraits and ceiling paintings. Experience the life of a woman hailed as "the most cultivated in Europe."

A realistic painting features eight light-skinned figures arranged in a pastoral setting: three women, two men, and a young girl tending to two toddlers. The scene includes classical references such as lyrical costumes, lyre, scroll, floral garlands, and marble bust.

Hidden Jazz Club
130 Hoxton Street N1 6SH
With events running through March to May, Hidden Jazz Club hosts a series of nomadic pop-up jazz events run by musicians. Having previously popped up in Tokyo, Barcelona, New York, LA, Paris and San Francisco, showcasing the diversity of each city. Designed to be welcoming and uplifting for all, to celebrate those in the jazz space, for hard core jazz fans and new! Whilst in London, Hidden Jazz Club will also have nights in Soho and Marylebone, alongside Hoxton. 

With the change of season, we welcome the jewel coloured delight - rhubarb.  It's now in abundance, so why not create something a little different and impress your dinner guests/family with this perfect show stopper pudding. Enjoy!

Rhubarb and Custard Eton Mess
White Chocolate Panacotta with Stewed Rhubarb
Rhubarb Compote
Rhubarb and Apple Crumble

Perfect Days, a film by Wim Wenders
In cinema's now
Nominated for Best International Film, Wim Wenders's "Perfect Days" follows Hirayama, played by Koji Yakusho, through his meticulously routine life maintaining Tokyo's public toilets. Despite minimal dialogue, Yakusho's performance resonates deeply, compensating for any perceived shortcomings. Wenders's apt song choices elevate scenes, leading to a finale that highlights the actor's brilliance. 

Perfect Days (2023) | MUBI