Sizing & Care


The following information is to help you select the correct size. If you are in any doubt as to what size you should order or the fit, please contact us by phone or email. With our knowledge of experience for each style, we’re armoured to assist you.


Phone: +44 (0) 7802 427 218

Size Bust Waist Hips
XS – 8 33” 26” 36”
S – 10 34.5” 28" 38”
M – 12 36” 30" 40”
L – 14 38.5” 32" 42"
XL – 16 40.5” 34” 44”

Caring For Your Shearling

Our garments are made from real shearling and selected for their high quality and luxuriousness. It's not always possible to eliminate small imperfections or slight variations in surface colour or texture, not even with the most careful choice of tanning. These unique qualities should not, therefore be considered a fault, rather an inherent characteristic of real shearling.


We do not advocate cleaning your shearling too often as it can alter the finish very slightly or become a little stiff. You must always use a trusted Specialist Dry Cleaner.

Care Without Specialist Dry Cleaning

Light marks can be removed from the suede exterior by brushing gently downwards with a dry sponge or suede brush. Regular brushing of the wool pile will help keep it looking its best.


We want your investment piece of shearling to last a long time, so by following these simple steps, will make all the difference. We recommend you store your shearling in a natural suit bag, enabling it to breathe, and not in a plastic cover. Hang on a good quality wooden/velvet hanger, as thin metal hangers can misshape the shoulders and stretch it slightly.

Things to avoid

If you get caught in the rain shake off excess water and hang your garment on a good quality suit hanger away from direct heat. To avoid permanently marking the finish of your shearling, we suggest avoiding any products with ink or oil-based i.e: body cream and makeup.