Our World

Our commitment to slow fashion is embodied in mindful production, whereby we produce on a small scale, Made-to-Order basis.  These iconic styles stand the test of time, are designed to last and will be passed on to future generations.

By doing this, we contribute in reducing the wasting of materials. Our business model equates to only buying the necessary raw materials for said orders, and endeavour, where possible, to use our off-cuts for smaller accessories.

Shearling and Leather

In nurturing the principles of agriculture with an ongoing agenda of working towards zero waste, we only use natural, raw materials - sheepskin and leather hides, as they are a by-product of the meat industry. The introduction of Pure New Wool and tweeds resonants with our brand’s vision of using pure natural materials, not synthetic duplicates which, unfortunately are unkind to the planet, as not biodegradable.


We work with 2-3 tanneries in Europe who comply with rigorous standards of environmental and ethical sustainability, and fully certified by the Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector (I.C.E.C).

The sheer robustness of a shearling or leather piece inevitably means it will last longer than any fast-fashion trend. This is why we always design with longevity in mind. Designing high-end, iconic shapes that are an investment for any wardrobe.

Each piece is made here in London, including pattern cutting and manufacturing. We have worked with the same family run London manufacturers since our first set of samples, gaining a strong relationship over the years. Both the cutter and tailors completely understand our DNA. Making each collection here allows us to stimulate good working practices, and help support our craftsman and artisans livelihoods.

Low Carbon Footprint

All of our raw materials are sourced from Spain, France and Italy, so by avoiding an intensive supply chain and keeping production in London, we reduce transportation. This helps to lower the impact on climate change and with that minimise our carbon footprint. Hopeful this will lead to lowering climate change, on some level - being a tiny ‘fish in the ocean’ in comparison to some of the big players, we are trying to do the right thing.

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